ZISACALL based in Beijing, the capital of China since 2004 year, the spirit of -ZISACALL,Make Call Better- concept set elite wisdom to create front-end technology products, We are professional to provide Wireless communication solution for Restaurant,Airport, Hotel etc. Public area. ZISACALL with the Chinese data communications, University and Telecommunications ISP, make full use of Wireless,RF technology, and broadband network enterprises in the capital advantage.

Paging System

UFO Guest Pager R1

​​UFO Type,  Used in Restaurant to call guest,when his dinner is ready.

Table Tracker System

Table Tracker System,  find table location of customers by wirelss in software Manu.

Queue Pager System ZCR20

2016 New type, one set contain 20 piece pagers , size same as phone, easy handed and take      

Chocolate Guest Pager ZCR16

Chocolate type                 Vibrate,Flash and Ring alert.         Switch ON/OFF pager,16pcs/set

Call Button

5 Key Call Button  ZCC505E 

With Table Menu Holder, have 5 key and 3 key styles, could meet different needs

Super-thin 1 Key Call Button ZCC101Re

Size is rather small , range 500 meters ,could match watch or display  


Waterproof 3 key call button

waterproof , 3 key call button , use AAA battery                                

UFO design 3 Key Call Button ZCC313e

1key 2key 3 key style , newest desigh , popular welcomed by customers .                                                   

Call System

New Design Wrist Watch ZCW16e 

Use for waiter service , get the guest call information , could store 500 pcs call button pager .

Wrist Watch Pager Receiver ZCW06

re-chargeable USB Style , match with call button pager , could store 800 pcs call button pager                                  

3 Call Number Display ZCM266Ge

show 3 call number , Led dispaly, could hang on the wall or set one the table , could store 500 pcs call button pager

Hospital Call System ZCB1060e

60 Led lights , set in nurse room, 12 types music,clock display function, with handheld remote controller.


Application Case

Wireless Guest Pager Restaurant

Wireless Pager System Use in Restaurant,Airport, Hotel, Fastfood,Coffee 

Wireless Wrist Watch for Casino

Wireless Wrist Watch Pager System use in Casino for call service, food

Button Pager for Hospital

Button Pager to call LED Receiver, can Voice to Nurse. Patient easy to find Nurse

WIFI AP CPE for Hotel

2.4/5GHz 802.11ac 1200Mbps      Celling Mount Access Point    

Call button use in Fitness Centre

when in fitness centre , need coach guidance , call him or  her use one call button

Wireless call button use in KTV Club 

call button use for call waiter service service will get notice quickly               

Queue Pager use in Fast-food

queue pager system use in fast-food , pizza store , when guest order ready , call guest pick up his order.  

Restaurant call system

beach restaurant outside table ,offer umbralla, call button completely system 


ZISA Coaster Guest Paging system used in France the coffee-shop

UFO type Coaster Pager guest paging system enchances coffee shop service quality,France inn coffee shop save the employees cost after use the ZISACALL paging system. ZISA pager work in wireless call way, enchance work efficiency.

New enterprise-class WIFI AP Launched

Enterprise-class high speed WIFI AP,Dual-Band 2.4G/5G,ceiling-Mount mode, the speed up to 1200Mbps, 256clients access capability at the same time. use in meeting room, restaurant, coffee-shop, square,airport etc. ZISA WIFI AP support telecom level ability and quality.It is your WIFI cover the best choice.


Technology Support

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Video University

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Our Partner


guest pager, guest call paging system

OliveGarden Resaturant

Restaurant waiter call paging system

TOYOTA 4S Car Store

Wireless system use in 4S Car Store

Pet salon

Guest paging system.guest call paging system

Braga Hospital

Wireless calling system used in Hospital

Shenzhen Airport

Wireless paging system:Call button+Watch pager

F&B Coffee shop

guest paging system used in coffee house

Hilton Hotel

ZISA WIFI AP and paging system used in Hilton Hotel

HOTDOG Restaurant

Guest Paging system: CTP300+CTB200


Table pager+watch pager


Paging system:Table pager+Disply receiver

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