ZISACALL is a sub-brand of ZISA that was founded in 2004, based in Beijing, famous as Capital of P.R. China, Orient Silicon Valley, RnD center of high-tech. the spirit of -ZISACALL, Make Call Better- concept set elite wisdom to create front-end technology products, ZISACALL have many design patents and producing wireless paging solution and products for Restaurants,offices Airports, Hotels, supermarkets,etc.  

ZISACALL products includes: coaster pager,watch pager, call buttons, LED display,etc. And the products have passed CE,FCC,ROHS Certificates. More than 95% of ZISA employees graduated as bachelor or above degree, with overseas

studying and working experience. To keep technical advantage and innovative solution, ZISA invest more than 8% of annual sales into RnD and customer service.

About Us,| ZISACALL-Wireless Pager Expert!,Wireless Solution Expert!

About Us-| ZISACALL-Wireless Pager Expert!

About Us,| ZISACALL-Wireless Pager Expert!