Restaurant Wireless Paging system 

1. waiter call guest paging system

1)Guests come to the restaurant and make an order.

2).The waiter gives each guest a coaster pager, every pager has a number on it.

3).When an order is ready, the waiter at the counter will press the number on the transmitter.

4).The corresponding pager gets the wireless signal and begins to vibrate, flash or sound.

Then the guest knows food is ready and goes to the counter to take it.



2.Guest call waiter paging system

1)The call button or table pager is placed on the table, when a guest wants

to be served, he presses the button that sends signal.

2)The watch pager receives signal,then vibrates or DIDI~,meanwhile shows

the table number;

3) The waiter who wears the watch pager will offer the service to guest on time.

Application,| ZISACALL-Wireless Pager Expert!,Wireless Solution Expert!

Application-| ZISACALL-Wireless Pager Expert!

Application,| ZISACALL-Wireless Pager Expert!